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  • Unblock your Blocked Drains
  • New or Upgrade your Tap Installations / Repairs

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Finally, pipes need to be replaced as soon as a defect is noticed, although it’s known that they can last up to 10 years. At Plumber in Pretoria East we provide maintenance services for both residential and business properties.

Acidic waste removal! Pipes are known to last for years but they can be worn by harsh acidic chemicals that are disposed of through drains instead of properly being disposed of through specialized hazardous waste removal companies.

Moreover, quick replacements in a day… Replacing worn-out pipes is a task that can be done in a day by a team of professionals working through a planned schedule.

Most people will not take the time to inspect the age of pipes when moving into a new property, companies normally install plumbing from scratch to suit their needs and homeowners will normally keep the pipes they found in the property.

In addition, do you want to inspect the conditions of your property’s pipes to know when replacements are due? So, contact us today at Plumbers Pretoria East

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